Buddy Collette


     I first encountered the music of Buddy Collette in the Fall of 2015. Collette was a tremendously talented musician, performer, and advocate for human rights. He was a native to Los Angeles and dedicated his life to creating and performing music, as well as teaching others improvisation and technique on multiple woodwind instruments. 


     If you would like to view my thesis and study of Buddy Collette, a PDF version is available below. Thank you for taking the time to read about Buddy Collette's life and musical contributions! 

Man Of Many Parts: 

A Study of Buddy Collette's Jazz Vocabulary On Multiple Woodwind Instruments

     This paper is a study of Buddy Collette’s improvisatory style on four woodwind instruments: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet and flute. Transcription and analysis of Collette’s solos provide examples of the vocabulary he generated and used on each of instrument. This paper also includes some of Collette’s significant life events, including contributions made to the Los Angeles jazz scene. 

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