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Kim Davis


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Co-Founder of Pop-Folk-Jazz Group, Cave Women

"The best and most complete song is the overtly Latin "Counting Sheep," an examination of insomnia that contains a line worthy of Paul Simon at his best: "It's quiet now / and all my thoughts / rustle like brittle leaves on the ground." 

-Chris Mosey

All About Jazz


"...tracks such “Counting Sheep” and “With You” recall a swingy, sultry Astrud Gilberto bossa nova."

- Rachel Liebrock


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Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet

"My daughter has been playing saxophone since 4th grade. She began lessons with Kim just before 9th grade and it has been a wonderful experience. Kim has taught her so much about her instrument and Is continuously helping her grow as a musician. Kim is warm and kind and a very encouraging teacher. My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Kim! I highly recommend her!!!!"

- Lisa Ball

"My son takes saxophone lessons with Kim. He really enjoys her teaching style. She knows how to motivate him and helps him expand his overall interest in music. My son says, “she makes it fun, and she pushes me to make me better but not to the point of frustration.” Kim is warm, friendly, and encouraging. She definitely has the knack for teaching. I highly recommend her."


"Kim is a fantastic teacher, mentor and musician. What makes Kim special is that she is able to connect with kids and makes music relevant for them. My son, who takes saxophone lessons, was motivated to have lessons simply because "Ms. Davis is so nice." She is encouraging and enthusiastic and teaches by building confidence in musicianship. Every young musician should have Kim as a teacher."


"My daughter started with Kim in the 7th grade, initially to prepare for the district honor band auditions, which was a resounding success. Two years later, my daughter is now a freshman in high school and her work with Kim continues. Kim is a wonderful music teacher, tailoring her lessons to supplement my daughter's high school music classwork, as well as expand her overall skills and growth. Kim is very organized and responsive to my questions and family scheduling needs. Most importantly, Kim nurtures my daughter's confidence in her music skills and offers her both encouragement and reinforcement of consistent practicing. Our family is extremely happy with Kim. I especially appreciate her openness with offering her students a realistic glimpse into the life of a professional working musician. That is an invaluable education in itself for which I am truly thankful."



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